Quotable Friday: From Understories

“All that about apples not falling far from the tree — shit, that. I know; I tumbled ass-first earthward and fell where I fell, and where I fell, I rolled, only then recognizing how rounded parts of me must have been. I wound up whole deserts from Morrisania, deserts that gleamed and those dull as obverse mirrors, deserts lush with indifference and misinformation. If sand can turn to glass without human ordination, surely that was what had happened here time and time again. I passed shards that had never been part of anything larger than themselves, whose only shot at survival was to stow away in passing flesh, lodging in soles and ankles that no longer could tell agony apart from ordinary touch.”

— Understories by Tim Horvath


Book Review: Understories by Tim Horvath

Book Review: Understories by Tim Horvath
by Tim Horvath

Fiction: Short stories
Bellevue Literary Press, May 2012
Paperback, 254 pages
Source: Provided by author for review

Understories is Tim Horvath’s first short story collection, and it is a mightily fun one to read. You may remember my review of his novella “Circulation” a few months ago; “Circulation” is included in this collection, as well as some other wonderful stories.

This collection contains eight “Urban Planning” case studies, most of which are roughly three pages long; six miscellaneous stories; and seven longer pieces in the 20-to-35-page range. Continue reading

Book Review: Circulation by Tim Horvath

Book Review: Circulation by Tim HorvathCIRCULATION
By Tim Horvath

Fiction: Novella
Sunnyoutside, 2008
Paperback, 67 pages

When a story begins with the magical words, “When we were awash with youth,” you know it’s going to be a stunning read. Tim Horvath’s Circulation, a 67-page novella, did not disappoint. I picked up this little piece of fiction at the Buffalo Small Press Book Fair a few months ago and have been saving it, this book described on the back cover as a “swirling ode to maps, dreams, and the redemptive power of fiction,” for a relaxing summer afternoon. That day finally arrived, and Circulation proved to be a lovely read. Continue reading