Book Review: The Wife by Meg Wolitzer

Book Review: The Wife by Meg WolitzerTHE WIFE
by Meg Wolitzer

Scribner, 2003
Paperback; 192 pages
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While on a plane to Helsinki, where her famous author husband will receive a major literary prize, Joan Castleman finally decides to leave the man she has spent most of her life with. From her seat in first class, she reminisces about her life with Joe, which started when she was a student at Smith College in the 1950s.

When Joan walks into her creative writing class at Smith, she is immediately drawn to Joe, the charming young professor. Joe, in turn, is impressed by her writing skills, and eventually he leaves his wife and baby for his promising student. For years they struggle in tiny apartments, Joan working at a publishing house while Joe tries to write a novel. Continue reading