Shelve Your Enthusiasm

In my last post, I wrote about my love for bookshelves. My bookshelf is my favorite thing about my bedroom; it provides a place where my beloved tomes can live together in well organized harmony. I think bookshelves are great because the titles they hold say a lot about us. What I didn’t talk about in that post, however, was what the actual shelves may say about us. Sure, your standard rectangular wooden bookcase doesn’t say a whole lot about your personality, but there are some super talented designers out there who have gone above and beyond providing for basic book storage needs. We’re talking about works of bookshelf art here. Because don’t your books, your most treasured possessions (maybe), deserve a home as visually stimulating as they are mentally stimulating?

I now present, for your viewing pleasure, some totally awesome bookcases.

tree bookshelf

I love the idea of a sculptural bookshelf. If only the money to buy books grew on trees! Continue reading


Case Studies: On Bookshelf Organization


Case studies, book cases… see what I did there?! Oh dear, please ignore me. This habit for puns is getting out of control.

I love bookshelves. I’m not talking about beautifully designed bookshelves that spark admiration and conversation (although I love those, too), but just having a bookshelf. I think a person’s bookshelves say a lot about her, and I love being able to display the books I’ve read and plan to read. It feels so autobiographical: here’s where I’ve been, and here’s where I want to go. The titles a person has on her bookshelf are just so representative of her personality and what she cares about! Continue reading