Book Review: Leaving the Sea by Ben Marcus

Book Review: Burial Rights by Hannah KentLEAVING THE SEA
by Ben Marcus

Short Stories
Knopf; Jan. 8, 2014
Hardcover; 288 pages
Source: Received from publisher for review

Where to start discussing this book? I’ve been putting off writing this review for weeks because I’m just not quite sure what to say. It’s the rare book that I didn’t particularly like, but that I didn’t think was bad. I think this was just not the book for me, and that makes it really hard to talk about.

Leaving the Sea is a collection of short stories by Ben Marcus, author of The Flame Alphabet. I didn’t get to read this novel, but it sounded right up my alley, and I was eager to read his stories. What I found wasn’t quite to my taste, but I was thoroughly impressed by Marcus’ power of imagination. Continue reading