Audiobook Mini Reviews: Memoirs

Last week I posted a few mini reviews of audiobooks I’ve listened to in the last few months/year. Today I’m back with Round 2! This post rounds out all of the audiobooks I’ve listened to (or can remember listening to) with the exception of The Hunger Games trilogy, which I think will get its own post. Anyway, it turns out that I really like listening to memoirs by funny ladies, because that’s what three of these four books are. Without further ado, I present Audiobook Mini Reviews: Memoir Edition. Continue reading


Audiobook Mini Reviews

A few weeks ago I wrote a post about how I’ve gotten into audiobooks in the last few months. There was some great discussion in the comments about what we look for in audiobooks vs. print books and about some of our favorite books to listen to on audio.

I realized that I haven’t actually reviewed any of the books I’ve listened to on audio, so I thought I’d do a post briefly discussing some of them! Continue reading

Do You Audio?

My college boyfriend and I have been doing the long-distance thing since we graduated and moved back to our respective hometowns a little over a year ago. We live about 2.5 hours apart, which makes it fairly easy for us to visit each other every few weeks. To make this regular drive more fun, I started listening to audiobooks last fall. No more flipping listlessly through the radio stations for me! I discovered that the drive goes by a lot faster when I’m listening to an engaging narrative — plus, I can increase my “reading” time!

Merlin magic books

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