My First Year as a World Book Night Giver

World Book NightYesterday I participated in World Book Night for the first time! World Book Night is a movement to spread the love of reading to light and non-readers. Publishers donate special editions of popular books, and volunteers go out in their communities and give them away.

I chose to give away copies of Wild by Cheryl Strayed, a book I love. I picked up my box of 20 books from my local indie bookstore a few days ago and stuffed them with my blog bookmarks and a letter with info about WBN, a recommendation for further reading, and my email address. Yesterday, I made a big “FREE BOOKS / WORLD BOOK NIGHT” sign and headed into downtown Buffalo. I basically just stood on the sidewalk in an area that gets plenty of foot traffic from a huge variety of people and said, “Hi, would you like a free book?” to everyone who walked by. Continue reading