Welcome to Books Speak Volumes! I’m Leah, a twenty-something living in Buffalo, NY, where I spend my days working in the development and communications office of my county library, running all the miles, and reading as many books as I can cram into my schedule. I also try to fill my life with as many podcasts and cheese plates as possible..

I’m drawn to literary fiction and can’t get enough of novels featuring beautiful language, ladies bucking social conventions, and a touch of magical realism. When it comes to non-fiction, I’m a sucker for thoughtful commentary on gender, race, and culture. I will forever be obsessed with Harry Potter, I am constantly terrified by the genius of Margaret Atwood, I repeat the words of Terry Tempest Williams as if they are mantras, and I truly believe Cheryl Strayed is my fairy godmother.

Books Speak Volumes was founded in January 2012 as a project for a college social media marketing class. I quickly fell in love with the online literary community, and continuing to blog after the course ended was an easy decision to make. More than four years later, the site has grown into a home for book reviews, literary lists, and discussions of the bookish life.


What say you?

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