(Officially) Taking a Blogging Break

A belated happy new year, booklings! And while we’re on the topic of things “belated,” I must apologize that this post is coming rather later than it should have. As many of you know, the last six months of my life have been filled with earth-shifting changes, and although I held the blog together pretty well at first, I haven’t had the time or brain-space to write, or even to read very much.

It feels slightly surreal to look back at the changes of 2015. I spent most of the year unemployed after being laid off from my office job in late 2014, broke up with my boyfriend of nearly six years in July, moved out of the apartment we had shared together, spent a few months living in the spare bedroom of incredibly generous friends, started dating someone new (a fellow bookworm who claims allegiance to houses Hufflepuff and Stark), started working two part-time jobs (as a sales associate at LOFT and a page at the library downtown), and moved into a new apartment (where I finally have a space to call my own) with two lovely roommates. It was the most challenging, discouraging, and terrifying year of my life so far, but it was also the most momentous. 2015 taught me more than I ever could have expected — about myself, life, love, and friendship. I feel stronger in my convictions, my sense of self, and my resilience. My life kind of fell apart in 2015, but I’m slowly rebuilding it and allowing it to take on exciting new shapes.

This is all wonderful, but it hasn’t been super conducive to running a blog. What little reading I’ve done has mainly been for comfort — re-reads of Tiny Beautiful ThingsWhen Women Were BirdsHarry Potter, etc. I’m woefully out of touch with the blogging/publishing community, and my reviewer hat doesn’t seem to fit right now. So although the blog has been quiet for more than two months, I’m finally, officially, taking a break.

Thank you to everyone who has shared kind words and messages of support over the last few months. I love you all, and I hope to be back when things calm down a bit! Until then, happy reading.

Much love,