My Top Ten Auto-Buy Authors

Top Ten Auto-Buy AuthorsLast week, I took a look at my favorite authors based on how many books I’ve read by each writer, but I also noted that numbers don’t tell the whole story when it comes to which authors I consider my favorites. For this week’s Top Ten Tuesday list, I’m listing my top auto-buy authors — authors whose books I will automatically purchase without even knowing the topic. When I find out these authors have a new book coming out, my reaction is:

Liz Lemon


Shut Up and Take My Money


Give it To Me


1. J.K. Rowling. No one can get me to read outside of my comfort zone like Queen Rowling. I will follow her to the end of the earth.

2. Haruki Murakami. I have to admit that I have only read one out of his last four books, but dude has published three books in the last year, and I can’t keep up. Murakami forever.

3. Margaret Atwood. This kind of goes without saying.

4. Karen Russell. Because she’s my spirit animal.

5. Meg Wolitzer. I wasn’t entirely enamored with her foray into YA last year, but I love the way Wolitzer writes about sexual double standards, creativity, jealousy, and life-long friendships. (Plus it’s hard not to love an author who clearly loves The Bell Jar as much as I do.)

6. David Mitchell. Mitchell is a master at writing memorable characters, and it’s fun to see the same names pop up in different novels. (Not to mention that his books are just crazy amazing.)

7. Emma Donoghue. Short stories, Victorian hookers*, 5-year-old sons of abducted women, and crime-solving romps through 1870s San Francisco? What CAN’T this lady write?

8. Cheryl Strayed. Basically guaranteed to move me, make me cry, and give me a new perspective on my own life.

9. Hanya Yanagihara. Both of her books rank among my favorites, and I can’t WAIT to see what she does next.

10. Roxane Gay. Whether she’s publishing a novel that will stick with me for months or essays that deepen my understanding of race, feminism, and culture, she’s incredibly smart and compelling.

*I have not yet read Slammerkin, but I NEED to.

Who are your auto-buy authors?


12 thoughts on “My Top Ten Auto-Buy Authors

  1. I like several authors of mystery series including Ian Rankin, Peter Robinson, Elizabeth Peters, Donna Leon and on and on. Some of my fav authors are no longer living, C.S. Lewis, Patrick O’Brian, Anthony Trollope, and again, on and on.

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