May Reads

May was a pretty slumpy reading month for me. Although I loved my first book of the month, nothing else really grabbed me, and as a result I spent a lot more time binge-watching Mad Men than hitting the books. (Why did no one tell me the first half of the last season is up on Netflix?!)

But as I write this, it’s Tuesday and I’m sitting on a train on my way to NYC for five days of books, beer, and bloggers! The boyfriend and I decided to turn BEA into a mini vacation, and by the time this post goes live, we’ll have spent a day and a half exploring the city, and I’ll have attended my first day of BEA! We’re staying until Sunday, and I’m so excited to do some sightseeing, nerd out with my favorite bloggers, and meet up with a few old friends. And hopefully I’ll come home with some books to bust my reading slump!


May Reads

  1. Saint Mazie by Jami Attenberg
  2. Housebreaking by Dan Pope
  3. Pretty Is by Maggie Mitchell
  4. Land Where I Flee by Prajwal Parajuly
  5. The Wolf Border by Sara Hall (in progress)

Favorite book of the month: Saint Mazie by Jami Attenberg


This month: 1,171

This year: 10,434


For once, I don’t really have any plans for next month! It might be a month of mood reading.

What did you read in May? Any plans for June?


What I’m Reading Monday, May 25

It’s been yet another slumpy reading week for me. What with a much-needed trip to see my family, a visit from a college friend, and preparing for BEA, I didn’t have much time or brain space for books. I’m actually kind of looking forward to my 8-hour train journey to NYC on Tuesday; it will be such a nice stretch of uninterrupted reading time! Plus, there’s something so lovely and romantic about reading on trains.

Last week, I finished reading Pretty Is by Maggie Mitchell. There was a lot to love about this novel, which alternates between the points of view of two women who are brought together again nearly twenty years after they were abducted as adolescents, but it had an unexpected thriller-ish component that felt a bit misplaced. Coming out in July from Henry Holt, I think it will be a great summer beach read!

I am currently reading Land Where I Flee by Prajwal Parajuly, which follows three Westernized siblings who reunite in the Himalayas for their grandmother’s 84th birthday celebration. I love a good family reunion novel, and this one (coming in June from Quercus) is shaping up to be fantastic!

Next up is The Wolf Border by Sarah Hall, which is about a zoologist who returns to her native England to spearhead a controversial scheme to reintroduce the grey wolf to the countryside. Goodreads describes the novel as “exploring the fundamental nature of wilderness and wildness.”

What are you reading this week?