It’s Monday Feb. 16! What Are You Reading?

It’s been a rough week here in Buffalo. A head cold has been kicking my ass since last Monday; one of the windshield wipers snapped off my car, and a few days later the car battery died right when I needed to leave for an informational interview; the snow is piling up into four foot drifts on my (steadily narrowing) street; and I don’t think the temperature has risen above 5 degrees in the last two days.

But although I’m still reaching for the tissues every 15 minutes, I’m finally starting to feel like a human again; I replaced the wiper blade and can now see through the windshield better than I have been able to in the last year; I still made it to my interview with 5 minutes to spare, due to living a few blocks from the subway; and tomorrow the temperature will rise into the teens.

Tom and I had a lovely, low-key Valentine’s Day. We stayed in and made steaks that cost way more than we would normally spend but substantially less than a meal at a restaurant, and then we cuddled up to watch The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou.

And finally, I have a small announcement. As some of you know, I lost my job at the end of September, and I have been looking for a new position here in Buffalo. The search hasn’t been going well, and last week I started to branch out… to look for a job in publishing in NYC! I have wanted to work in publishing for a long time, and this seems like the right time to go after it. I’m crazy excited about finally pursuing my dream! Last week I started applying for jobs and conducting informational interviews with some of the marketing and publicity professionals I have worked with over the last three years. Now, I’m not a lady who counts her chickens before they hatch, so this is might be the only time I’ll mention this publicly until I get a job offer. I just had to share!

But the title of this post is What Are You Reading? so I should probably talk about that. Last week, I savored The Hidden Light of Objects by Mai Al-Nakib, a truly gorgeous short story collection about the lives of ordinary people in the Middle East. It’s dreamy and stunning and almost mystical, and I’ll be reviewing it later this week!

After taking my time with the short story collection, I devoured My Sunshine Away by M.O. Walsh. I have been hearing fantastic things about it, and it did not disappoint! It hit me right in the feels, and it’s going to take a while for me to be able to write coherently about it.

This morning, when I checked my phone and saw that it was -9 degrees out (and only 62 in my apartment), I decided to stay in bed and start reading The Country of Ice Cream Star by Sandra Newman. I didn’t get very far because the arm I was using to hold open the book got too cold, but I can tell it’s going to be a very interesting reading experience. The dialect (think Zachry’s chapters in Cloud Atlas) is going to take some getting used to!

What have you been reading this week?


11 thoughts on “It’s Monday Feb. 16! What Are You Reading?

    • Aw, thanks lady! I mainly just don’t want to be asked about it constantly, and I’m trying to get ahead of that. Nothing’s worse when unemployed than (well meaning) people asking “how’s the jobs search?” Like, if there was good news, I would bring it up myself!

  1. Wow – that’s so exciting! Good luck with your search and I hope things pan out for you! You’ve probably heard me say it before, but I just can’t rave about My Sunshine Away enough. 5 books later, I’m still in somewhat of a book hangover from it and nothing else has come close to it this year. Deserves every bit of hype it’s getting. Hopefully, my next 2 books (Dead Wake and A Little Life) can fix my hangover. I’ve heard the language in Ice Cream Star is a bit out there and might take some getting used to.

    • Thanks Sarah! I had been going through a tiny slump, and My Sunshine Away was so refreshing. One of the most compelling books I’ve read so far this year. I’m really struggling with the language in Ice Cream Star, and I actually might DNF it. I’ve given it 40 pages, and it’s just too hard to follow.

  2. Good luck on both the job search and getting over your cold! Winter has been hitting us up here, too. The kids have had their fair share of snow days at this point. I’ll be interested to hear how Ice Cream Star pans out for you.

  3. I’m bummed because I just discovered your blog a few days ago and you may be moving away! I don’t know of any other book bloggers in Buffalo except for myself ( and my friend Jaclyn ( I just recently started blogging about books again, although I’ve ALWAYS been a reader and I’ve posted annual reading lists on my blog since 2003.

    Since you mentioned in another post that you don’t have book-friends in Buffalo, I guess that means you’re not a member of a book club? I’ve been looking for one since I moved here from DC about a year and a half ago.

    Working in publishing in NYC is an exciting prospect, though! I hope you end up finding the job (and location) that works best for you.

    • I didn’t know there were any other book bloggers here! Hello! We should get coffee sometime 🙂

      Nope, I don’t belong to a book club, but I haven’t tried too hard to find one. (I like talking about books, but I’m not a fan of being told what to read.) I hope you’re able to find one to join!

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