January Reads

2015 has gotten off to a fairly unremarkable start. I’m still unemployed and still struggling to figure out what I want to do, but I’m taking some steps that I hope will help me on my way. It helps that I have a partner who is ready to grow and change as I do.

Although my personal life was a bit flat in January, it has been a rocking month for reading! My heart hasn’t quite been in Jazz Age January this year, but I really enjoyed the three books I read for it. I’ve also read some fantastic upcoming releases!

Books Read:

Jan Reads 2015

  1. Hall of Small Mammals by Thomas Pierce
  2. So We Read On by Maureen Corrigan
  3. The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald
  4. Girl Runner by Carrie Snyder
  5. One Good Earl Deserves a Lover by Sarah MacLean
  6. A Little Life by Hanya Yanagihara
  7. I Am Not a Slut by Leora Tanenbaum
  8. Flappers by Judith Mackrell
  9. The Sasquatch Hunter’s Almanac by Sharma Shields

Books Reviewed:

Jan Reviews 2015

Pages Read:

This month: 3,124

This year: 3,124

February Plans:

I may have been a little bit overambitious when it came to February review copies, so I am going to be reading my butt off to keep up! I’m particularly excited for My Sunshine Away by M.O. Walsh and The Country of Ice Cream Star by Sandra Newman.

What did you read in January? Any plans for February?


17 thoughts on “January Reads

  1. You definitely read more than I did this past month! I’ve been tackling some longer reads so while I have read a decent amount page-wise, I haven’t read a lot of books. I love The Great Gatsby! That book ended up becoming an acquired taste for me. I first read it back in high school and thought it was so awful and then ended up having to read it twice during my undergrad.

  2. I recently finished My Sunshine Away and I absolutely loved it! My favorite book of the year so far…gorgeous writing and the time period was so nostalgic for me (teens in late 80’s/early 90’s). I also have A Little Life for Feb and am looking forward to that one! I’ve seen The Country of Ice Cream Star, but am going to wait on some reviews to come out before I decide whether to read it. But, I’m really excited about all my Feb books – My Sunshine Away, Welcome to Braggsville, Golden State, The Half Brother, and A Touch of Stardust. And – I’m definitely due for a Gatsby reread!

  3. Glad to hear your reading was so good this month! I think my expectations may have been too high for some of the books I picked up and I was a little let down by them, though many of them were good they just weren’t as great as I was hoping. I’m mood reading between February and March right now and hoping that helps pick things up a bit, so we’ll see!

  4. No one has had a good start of the year, it seems. But books do help, don’t they? I’m now off to check your Flappers review. Meanwhile, best of luck with your work hunt, and remember how great your are 😀

  5. I’ve heard lots of good things about A Little Life — I’m hoping to snag that from the library when it comes out. I’m sorry your personal life has been a challenge this month, but I’m glad you found time to read and have some plans for how to move forward.

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