Jazz Age January: Week 1 Linkup

Hey there flappers and sheiks! I hope you’ve been reading up a storm and perhaps enjoying a refreshing gin or two — though hopefully not of the bathtub variety. Haven’t you heard that stuff will make you blind?!

Like flappers, I have been rejecting traditional, restrictive clothing by refusing to wear jeans. It’s been leggings ’round the clock in the BSV residence this month. (Just for me, though. Tom isn’t quite that bold.) Before you shout that leggings aren’t pants, I must defend myself by saying that A) they are thick leggings that do not show anything inappropriate when they stretch, B) I rarely have to leave the apartment, and C) I do not care because they are COMFY. This is my small rebellion.

But you didn’t come here to discuss my leg-wear. Moving on.

I have been killing it with the #JazzAgeJan reading! I blitzed through So We Read On by Maureen Corrigan, savored The Great Gatsby, and just started reading Flappers by Judith Mackrell!

How’s you’re reading going? If you have posted anything about Jazz Age January this month, link to your post using the Mister Linky below!



2 thoughts on “Jazz Age January: Week 1 Linkup

  1. I loved So We Read On which I read last year, followed by rereading The Great Gatsby. My link is for West of Sunset about Fitzgerald’s last years in Hollywood.

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