Book Riot Quarterly Box #4: Unpacked

We all know book mail is the best mail, but the Book Riot Quarterly box takes it to a whole new level. Four times a year, Book Riot sends subscribers a box full of bookish goodies. It costs $50 per quarter, and each subscriber receives a box containing at least one book and some great bookish stuff, including exclusive extras from authors and publishers. I received my third Quarterly box (the fourth one they’ve put out) last week and was thrilled with what I found inside!

Book Riot Quarterly Box #4

The Salinger Contract by Adam Langer. According to Goodreads, this book is “an enthralling literary mystery that connects some of the world’s most famous authors—from Norman Mailer and Truman Capote to B. Traven and J. D. Salingerto a sinister collector in Chicago.” I’ve heard of this book but had no idea what it was about. It looks like a fun read! This book also came with a letter from the author, which was really funny.

What We See When We Read by Peter Mendelsund. I had been really wanting to read this, so I was excited to find it in my box! In this wonderfully illustrated book, noted book cover designer Peter Mendelsund explores how we visualize what we’re reading. I tore through this book as soon as I received it, and I really enjoyed it! Also included with this book were dozens of post-it notes from the author.

Obvious State prints

Exclusive print from Obvious State, plus a postcard. I love Obvious State‘s literary prints! I’ve been contemplating buying one for about a year but could never quite decide which one to get. I love the Borges quote and design on this print, and I’m excited to finally own something from them! It’s going to look awesome hanging by my bookshelves. The box also included a postcard-sized print of their F. Scott Fitzgerald design.

Read Harder water bottle. I’m going to rock this at the gym.

Read Read Read sticker. This is a cute little piece of swag that will probably go on my laptop.

I was really pleased with this box, but I think I might unsubscribe from the Quarterly program. I’ve been happy with all of my boxes (here are my posts on boxes #2 and #3), but I really don’t need to accumulate all of this STUFF. I’m trying to reduce the clutter in my life, and although these boxes always have things I really like, they are mostly things I probably wouldn’t have bought on my own. I’m really going to miss the surprise books, though! I’m intrigued by Book Riot’s Riot Read subscription, but I wish there was a way to sign up to receive packages at a lower frequency; I don’t want to spend $30 a month on a subscription service, but I would love to receive a surprise book every two or three months.

If you subscribe to the Book Riot Quarterly box, what do you think of it so far? Does anyone belong to a different bookish subscription service that you love?


5 thoughts on “Book Riot Quarterly Box #4: Unpacked

  1. I think the frequency has been the reason I haven’t signed up. I’ve always been jealous when I see them, but I just can’t justify it that often (nor can I justify a new unknown book every month with everything I already have). I would, however, LOVE it if they offered gift subscriptions for a single year. I really struggle to come up with gift ideas (that aren’t super specific) when people ask me what I want and this would be something simple. Other people can totally buy me things I don’t need.

  2. What an amazing box! I’m always in need of a new water bottle (or coffee cup) and, of course, bookish ones are the best. I keep seeing these boxes pop up and while I haven’t been able to justify it yet, I can feel my resolve weakening.

  3. I’ve waffled. I would love to receive the box, but like you, I can’t justify bringing that much “stuff” into the house when I’m trying to hard to get RID of stuff.

  4. That water bottle is amazing! I’d be cursing myself for not ordering a box if it weren’t for the fact that I’ve got a Cheshire Cat water bottle to rock at the gym. Bookish accessories are the best!

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