Literary Links: July 5 – 11

Happy Saturday! After a long week, it’s finally time to kick back, relax, and catch up on the week’s bookish news!

1. The Millions posted their Great Second-Half 2014 Book Preview. I’m always excited when this list is published, and this installment features many titles I’m already looking forward to, and it introduced me to some books I’ll be sure to look out for in the coming months!

2. Amazon made an interesting proposition to Hachette authors: If Hachette agrees, their authors will receive 100% of the profit from their Amazon e-book sales, with both Hachette and Amazon forgoing all profit, as long as the contract dispute between both companies lasts. Check out the article to find out how authors are reacting.

3. J.K. Rowling posted a new Harry Potter story on Pottermore. Taking the form of an article by Rita Skeeter, the story is set at the Quidditch World Cup and gives readers and update on what Dumbledore’s Army has been up to.

4. New trailers this week! The Wild movie adaptation, starring Reese Witherspoon, released its first trailer. A new trailer for Mockingjay was also released; I’m really loving the propaganda-style Capitol TV trailers they’ve been using.

5. The Singapore government ordered the removal and destruction of three children’s books that portray gay, lesbian, or unconventional families from library shelves. Bad job, Singapore.

Enjoy the weekend!


3 thoughts on “Literary Links: July 5 – 11

  1. Well, that’s certainly an interesting proposal from Amazon! I haven’t read the article you linked to yet, but I definitely will. I wonder if Hachette sees Amazon’s proposal as predatory pricing (an anti-trust violation, not that Hachette can claim the high ground when it comes to anti-trust!).

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