My Dirty Little Secrets: Confessions of a Book Blogger

Happy Tuesday, turtledoves! Like a true blue book nerd, I love a good list.

This week for Top Ten Tuesday, the folks over at The Broke and the Bookish ask bloggers to list their top ten blogging confessions. Are you ready for my dirty little secrets?

Top Ten Tuesday

1. I am not very good at scheduling posts ahead of time. I have my posts planned out for weeks in my blog calendar, but I rarely get around to writing them in advance.

2. I have been terrible about reading other blogs the last few months. I’m really trying to be better at this and making sure to carve out time every day or two to read the blogs I love.

3. I have a tiny hope that blogging will someday be my gateway to a career in books or publishing. I just haven’t quite figured out how.

4. I do most of my blogging from my couch, while wearing pajamas. The other 10% is done during down-time at work. (Shhh.)

5. I spent hours creating a printable blog planner, but now I just use spreadsheets on Google Docs for my planning. It’s just so much easier, since I can access it online anywhere!

6. I currently have six books that I have read but haven’t reviewed. Each weekend, I tell myself I will get caught up on reviews, and I never do.

7. I get cranky when a blog that I think has poor content becomes super popular. It’s petty and small, but I can’t help it.

8. I’m still trying to figure out my optimal balance between review copies and purchased/library books. There are definitely worse problems to have.

9. Even though it’s in no way productive, I often wonder how my blog stacks up to other blogs in terms of stas. I frequently have to remind myself that this isn’t a competition, that I blog because I love being part of a bookish community and not because of page views.

10. I talk to bloggers more often than I talk to friends who live in my city. What can I say, you’re my people!

Now that I’ve let you in the dark side of my blogging, tell me: what are your greatest blogging confessions?