Spring Bloggiesta Goals!

BloggiestaHappy Bloggiesta everyone! From yesterday through Sunday bloggers all over the world are taking part in a blogging fiesta. (I’m a bit late to the party) We’re catching up on posts, doing blog maintenance, and participating in blog-improvement challenges.

I’ve been a major slacker on some aspects of my blog, so I’m glad it’s time for the blogging marathon! It’s a great event to make me do the little things I never feel like doing, and I hope to learn some fantastic blogging tips along the way.


  • Catch up on cross-posting reviews. I have been super lazy about cross-posting reviews to Goodreads, so I’m going to work backwards, adding old reviews!
  • Catch up on reviews. Currently, I have to review Dept. of Speculation by Jenny Offil, The Blazing World by Siri Hustvedt, Judging a Book by Its Lover by Lauren Leto, and Parnassus on Wheels by Christopher Morley.
  • Catch up on replying to comments. I’ve really been slacking, lately.
  • Amanda Shofner’s (On a Book Bender) How to Tackle Google + mini challenge. One of my resolutions for this year was to learn how to use Google +, so I’m really excited that Amanda’s sharing her expertise!
  • Love at First Book’s Twitter List Tutorial mini challenge. I’ve been meaning to set up lists for  a long time!
  • Pretty Little Reader’s About Page mini challenge. I have an about page, but it could probably use a revamp.
  • Participate in a Twitter chat. I’ve never done this before, but now’s the time!

Happy reading, and good luck to everyone else participating in Bloggiesta!



17 thoughts on “Spring Bloggiesta Goals!

  1. I see you read the entire contents of your BR Quarterly box! I have them on my shelf too – hope they were great!
    Posting reviews to GoodReads is something I have to do too. But I have months and months worth… probably won’t happen.

  2. Hey, I also wanted to do my own twitter lists, and it is the only thing I managed to do so far this bloggiesta 🙂 Now I love twitter (we had a difficult reationship before, hehehe)

  3. I’m also going to have to check out the G+ tutorial because I need it! I’m glad blogging keeps me up-to-date on social media or I’d definitely be at least a generation behind. Good luck with your bloggiesta goals!

  4. I know that i should get going on Google + but i just don’t get it. I recently joined Pinterest and am starting to get a handle on it, but i just feel like i don’t need another social media outlet. Let me know how you find it and maybe i’ll change my mind.

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