Literary Links: March 15 – 21

Happy Friday readerkins! Start off your weekend with five literary news stories from the last week.

Universal Orlando announced details of its Wizarding World of Harry Potter expansion. Guests will get to ride the Hogwarts Express! Riders will encounter magical creatures, Hagrid on his flying motorcycle, the Weasley twins on brooms, and the Knight Bus in London traffic. I’m pretty darn excited about this. I’ve never been to Disney or Universal or any of those parks, but I want to go for the Wizarding World alone.

The first trailer for The Giver was released! I have mixed feels. I’m super excited for this book to finally get a movie adaptation, but WHY IS IT NOT AT LEAST PARTLY IN BLACK AND WHITE? How do you possibly screw that up?

Ian McEwan’s next book was announcedThe Children’s Act, due out this fall, will delve into the lives of conjoined twins. I really enjoyed Atonement, and I’m intrigued by the premise of the new book.

Meg Wolitzer also had a new book announcement! Belzar is a young adult novel about a young girl who is sent to a boarding school for “emotionally fragile, highly intelligent” teens, where she is placed in an exclusive class in which students only read books authored by Sylvia Plath. I haven’t read Meg Wolitzer yet (I know! Where should I start?), but I LOVE The Bell Jar, and I am fascinated by the idea of this book!

If you’re a Game of Thrones fan, you’re probably aware of the rapid pace at which the plot of the TV show is advancing on the books. Don’t worry, George RR Martin has a plan for slowing the show down enough for him to catch up. I haven’t read the books, so I don’t have super deep thoughts about this, but I can’t wait for the new season to start!


14 thoughts on “Literary Links: March 15 – 21

    • Me too! I read Plath for the first time at 19, and I totally think this book will get teens into her writing. For that reason, I kind of dig her choice to make it a YA novel.

  1. I have mixed feelings about The Giver, as well. I love the book so much, I’m afraid they’re going to change it, diminish it. But I will watch it anyway, of course.

  2. I haven’t read Meg Wolitzer yet either, but teens reading only Sylvia Plath? I’m in! I do hope it also helps and inspires youths to read Plath’s original works 🙂

    Can you believe I didn’t know The Giver was a book? Oh dear…

    • Yes yes yes! I totally think this will get more teens into Plath, which is AWESOME.

      Many Americans read The Giver for class in middle school, but maybe it’s less popular in Spain?

      • I don’t think it’s popular at all. In high school we read either Spanish authors or some very “important” (read as “white, cannonical and old) American/English works such as Dickens.

  3. I had no idea that the Giver was being made into a movie! (I really need to get back on tumblr!) The black and white seems like such an obvious thing, though – and I’m always terrified when books I love are made into movies!

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