Why I Love Being a Reader and Blogger


Happy Tuesday, turtledoves! Like a true blue book nerd, I love a good list.

This week for Top Ten Tuesday, the folks over at The Broke and the Bookish ask bloggers to list ten reasons why they love being a reader and blogger, and the timing for this topic is kind of perfect. I’ve been in a bit of a slump lately. I’ve only finished two books so far this month (and one of them was a graphic novel), and I’m having trouble finding the motivation to blog. I’m excited that this list is forcing me to think about what I love about both reading and blogging!

Why I love being a reader:

  1. Reading lets me travel the world! I get to visit different times and places, learn about different cultures, and experience different world views. As much as I’d love to actually travel to many of the places I’ve read about, books are much cheaper than plane tickets. Also, it’s nice to learn about wars and totalitarian regimes secondhand.
  2. Reading helps me understand different perspectives. I love learning, and reading helps me develop my own ideas by presenting arguments on both sides of an issue. I can strengthen my own beliefs but also get to know where other people are coming from in their beliefs.
  3. Reading introduces me to different cultures and social situations. I’m a middle class white American female, but through reading, I can learn what it’s like to be an Indian immigrant, a British war widow, a West African refugee, or a single parent struggling to pay the bills.
  4. Reading increases my empathy. Now that I’m writing these reasons out, they all kind of seem like the same thing. Getting inside the heads of characters whose experiences are vastly different from mine has really helped develop my empathy. I’m so much more willing to try to understand different sides of a situation.
  5. Reading is entertaining! That’s the primary reason I do it; I love the stories!

Why I love being a blogger:

  1. I’ve made so many bookish friends! I don’t have any friends nearby that I can nerd out to, and I’m so glad to have met so many wonderful readers through blogging!
  2. Blogging forces me to think more about what I read. Instead of putting down a book and totally moving on, I have to think critically about a book so I can review it. I think doing this has given me a greater appreciation for literary style, and I’ve gotten a lot more out of certain books than I would have if I hadn’t had to write about them.
  3. Book blogging exposes me to books I wouldn’t have known about otherwise. Before I started blogging, I had no idea what books were coming out or which books were getting positive attention. In addition to best-sellers, blogging has introduced me to books in genres I might not have read on my own.
  4. Other book bloggers encourage me to read outside my comfort zone. Reading other blogs and bookish websites has made me reconsider my own reading and encouraged me to branch out. This year I read my first graphic novel, a genre I never would have considered before I started blogging, based on a review on a trusted blogger’s site. I loved it and can’t wait to read more graphic novels!
  5. Hearing different opinions from smart people. I love love love the bookish discussions the blogosphere brings to life. It’s always interesting to see how different readers approach the same books. I think it even helps me grow as a reader to learn from how others analyze books.

Why do you love being a reader and/or blogger?


11 thoughts on “Why I Love Being a Reader and Blogger

  1. I love that blogging has encouraged me to read outside my comfort zone as well. I’ve been very lucky lately with the books I’ve read and I never would have read them if it hadn’t been for hearing so much about them on the blogs. I can relate to a blogging/reading slump as well. Hope you find the perfect book to help get you out it!

  2. You have pretty much summed up why I read and blog about reading. One thing I find about blogging is it makes reading more worthwhile. I love to read but I hate it when I only have a faint memory of the story 5 years down the line (even worse getting plots mixed up), so it’s great that blogging gives a reason to analyse a book and in a way it makes the story more memorable (plus there will always be a reference you can always go back to)

  3. Lovely list and all 100% true! But for me, blogging also helps me to get the words and ideas that flood my head and, as time goes by, writing has been a kind of therapy for me.

  4. Great list! I’ve only been for just over a year, but it’s been such a great experience. Definitely the different kinds of books you get to experience and community that you build with other bloggers is a highlight for me. What books outside of your comfort zone did you enjoy?

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