The Great Harry Potter Re-Read: Books 1-3

HP ReRead 123

Happy Friday! I posted last week that, since I don’t have any books I have to review until January, I’m going to take advantage of the downtime to re-read the entire Harry Potter series. Since I started last Wednesday, I have read the first three books and gotten nearly halfway through the fourth book. My original intention was to write about each book individually, doing one HP post a week, but I would also like to be blogging fairly close to my real-time reading. Since the first three books were such quick reads, I’m just going to keep things simple and write about them all in one post.

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's StoneHarry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone.

If you read my post last week, you’ll know that the book I read last week is the same copy my aunt bought me (despite my protests) when I was nine years old. It’s in relatively good condition, considering how long I’ve had it and how many dozens of times I’ve read it, but I still had to be pretty careful handling it; the hardcover binding is starting to… lose its sturdiness. But I loved being able to read that original copy!

You guys, I love this book. I adore the way JKR sets up the magical world of Diagon Alley, Platform 9 3/4, and Hogwarts. It’s just so fun and whimsical! And I enjoyed “discovering” all of these weird things about the wizarding world right along with Harry. The story itself felt a little bit uneven, but come on, it was Rowling’s first book!

It was fun to read this and remember just how many of the names and words I pronounced incorrectly on my first read!

Harry Potter and the Chamber of SecretsHarry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

I have a confession: I am a super scaredy pants, and I couldn’t finish this book the first time I tried to read it at age nine or ten. I was terrified of whatever was attacking the students, and my mom refused to reassure me that none of the trio would be attacked (because that would have been a lie, duh). It took AT LEAST a few months before I was ready to try this one again, but of course, it was totally worth finishing.

This has never been one of my favorite books in the series, but I really enjoyed it this time! It didn’t hurt that, in my head, Professor Lockhart’s voice sounded like Zapp Brannigan’s from Futurama! That really turned the hilarity up a notch — but they are totally made from the same mold.

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of AzkabanHarry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

This book is one of my favorites. I think it might be because I read it before Goblet of Fire had come out, so I read it a gazillion times because it was the latest book there was? Maybe?

Anyway, Harry learns more about his past, acts in typical rash Harry fashion, and is reunited with his godfather! I love Sirius, at this point in the series, anyway. I feel terribly sad for him later on, and I don’t always approve of his behavior, but at this point, when Harry finally has an adult wizard who cares about him, who was friends with his parents… it gave me happy smushy feelings.

Also, this book is where Ron and Hermione really start bickering in earnest, which made me feel all eye-rolly because I know that really they love each other and are MEANT TO BE. Which is cute, even if Ron is all, “Your cat at my rat, I hate you,” and Hermione’s all, “All cats hunt rats, Ron.” But they’re 13, so.

Final Thoughts

I am having SO MUCH FUN re-reading these books. I pretty much know them by heart, but I am having the best time re-living them and remembering all these memories associated with the first few times I read this wonderful series.

I’m also watching the movie adaptations after I finish each book, which is really fun even if I can’t stay awake during movies if I start them after 9 p.m. (I’m apparently turning into my grandpa, who fell asleep during every Disney movie he took me and my sister to see when we would visit him as kids. Every movie except Mulan, for whatever reason.) I love the first two, but I think the third is my least favorite. Not a fan of Cuaron’s styling, and there are some weird story choices that I don’t like. But that’s just me.

Right now I’m about halfway through Goblet of Fire and loving every second of it. I’m looking forward to things turning a bit darker!


27 thoughts on “The Great Harry Potter Re-Read: Books 1-3

  1. Book three is one of my favorites from the whole series. The story was great, learning more about Harry’s past was awesome and I just thought everything moved really well within this book. And I can pretty much quote almost all the movies; I’ve watched them way too many times. 🙂

    • I’m surprised by how quickly I’m reading them too! But the type is pretty big, the writing is easy, and I know the stories by heart, so my reading pace is much faster than usual. The first movies are so cute; the trio are all so little, and I just want to pinch their cheeks.

  2. I dream that when my kids are grown I will have the time to sit and read that many books in a week, let alone a couple days. You’re living the dream 😉

    Had two 7th graders in class reading the same HP book…second ones think. One rereading and the other for the first time. They were equally excited to discuss them too!

    • I’m surprised by how fast I’m tearing through them. The type is pretty big, the writing is easy, and I know the stories by heart, so they’re turning out to be super fast reads! This is totally NOT a typical reading pace for me!

      Aww, that’s so cute!

  3. An amazing series! I agree with you though, the third books was my least favorite as well…something about how she wrapped it all up…it just didn’t work quite right.

    The other books though…Amazing! And reading them a second/third/fourth time they are a completely different story. It’s so fun to re-read when you know what is going on behind the scenes. 🙂


  4. I haven’t read this series, can you believe it? And I know a lot of Spanish people that are also re-reading the books and re-enjoying them 😉
    I don’t know, I think I was quite old when the books were published and I didn’t pay much attention to them, despite the fact that my little sister had some of them.
    I have to create a challenge for me to read HP next year or something!

  5. It is amazing to read these books multiple times. Getting to the end and seeing how the story ties together (and thinking back to all her little hints) is such a thrill.

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