Upcoming: Buffalo Small Press Book Fair

buffalo small press book fairThe weekend of April 6 through 7 will mark the seventh annual Buffalo Small Press Book Fair! Booksellers, small presses, authors, poets, artists, zinesters, and literary enthusiasts from around the region will gather in the beautiful and spacious Karpeles Manuscript Library Museum to browse, attend readings, and participate in workshops with the Western New York Book Arts Collective.

For the first time, the fair will be held over two days instead of one, which demonstrates what a huge success it has become! This year, there will be author readings Saturday and three workshops Sunday. I’m really excited to attend the Basic Book Structures workshop with Esther K. Smith to learn some basic bookmaking exercises!

small pressIn addition to the fun taking place at the fair, there are a few events outside the fair’s hours! There will be a Pre-Pre-Party on Thursday night featuring talks by the two most recently published winners of the Stacherone Prize for Innovative Fiction, a Pre-Party Small Press Poetry Reading on Friday night, and two After-Parties on Saturday night!

I attended for the first time last year and had an amazing time, even though I only had an hour to peruse the hundreds of booths selling books, zines, art prints, and literary crafts and jewelry. This year, I’m looking forward to networking with indie publishers, buying far too many books, and picking up some fun letterpress bookmarks! I might even nab a zine or two! Let’s just say I’m VERY excited to spend a day surrounded by books and bookish people. Β It’s a really great event, and I highly encourage anyone within driving distance to attend!

Visit the Buffalo Small Press Book Fair website for more details about this fantastic, free literary event!


8 thoughts on “Upcoming: Buffalo Small Press Book Fair

  1. I’ll be going on Sunday. I’ve set aside $20 and I know I’ll have that spent in 5 minutes. It’ll be tough, but I am going to try and peruse books for as long as can before I make my book buying decision. And now you say, there is more than just books. Ugh. Maybe I’ll spend some of next week’s lunch money, too!

    • Yay! You will love it! Browsing before buying is definitely a good idea. I think I walked through the whole fair a few times before settling on what I wanted to buy last year, and I definitely spent less money that way. If you happen to see me there, say hi!

  2. This is so great, Leah! I wish we had more of them over here, but sadly fairs – like the ones you have in the USA – are not so popular and well, we all know what is happening with book culture all over the world.

    Go, have a good time and spend your money wisely which actually means, buy as many books as you can πŸ˜€

    • Aw, that’s too bad. I don’t know about the rest of the U.S., but Buffalo has a really strong cultural scene, including a fairly decent literary presence.

      Haha it’s going to be realllly hard to stick to my budget for the fair!

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