BSV Has a New Domain Name!

Hello all!

I’m just dropping in today with a quick announcement: after more than 10 months of blogging at, I’ve finally upgraded to a custom domain name! This blog’s new URL is (Yes, I did add an “s;” it makes so much more sense this way, right?).

This is still a free WordPress blog, so the domain name change shouldn’t affect those of you following BSV through WordPress; if you are subscribed via the WordPress Reader or email, you will continue to receive updates. I’m not sure yet if the change will affect the RSS feed, so if you’re following via Google Reader or Bloglovin (or any other RSS reader), you may want to check your feed to make sure you’re still getting the updates or manually update your subscription to the new web address. (Does anyone actually know how this works?)

I’m so excited about this new step! I feel like a real blogger now, as if having my own domain name adds legitimacy to my ramblings. 😛

Thank you all for reading, and especially thank you to my wonderful boyfriend, who bought me the domain name as an anniversary gift (our third! And more than two months ago, but still) and helped me set up the domain mapping. You’re the best!


10 thoughts on “BSV Has a New Domain Name!

    • The boyfriend bought it from He says they usually have coupon codes, so you can buy your first domain name really cheap. After buying the domain name, I payed $13 for one year of “domain name mapping” through WordPress; you can also buy the domain name directly from WordPress, which includes the mapping. I’m not sure which way is cheaper.

      • I should look it up! I don’t know why but I feel like buying a domain name every January and never do it. I’m perfectly aware you can purchase them any time of the year, but January seems the perfect moment.

        I use a Google Reader to follow your blog and I’ve receiving updates as usual, so don’t worry about your subscribers 😉

  1. I’m pretty sure that with your forwarding, everyone’s settings should be fine! 🙂

    I changed my blog to a dot com, and no one ever told me they had problems. I’m assuming you’re paying WordPress to forward the old to the new?

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