National Library Week

national library weekI’m a few days late with this (aren’t I always?), but National Library Week started Sunday, April 8! Through April 14, libraries across the country are celebrating… being awesome, I suppose. This year’s theme is “You belong @ your library,” to remind people that a library is a place where everyone belongs!

That’s really the great thing about libraries — that they are for anyone. Old, young, rich, poor, gay, straight, handsome, ugly, the library doesn’t care! It’s there for anyone who wants to learn, and that is really wonderful. I’ve had a library card since I was nine, and it has served me well the last 12 years! I’ve read dozens of fantastic books, done research for school assignments, and even looked at some great art in my public library.

I believe reading and literacy are incredibly important, and I am so thankful to live in a place that provides public access to books. Knowledge is power, and people gain knowledge from reading! I love that anyone can walk into a library and find a book on (nearly) any topic. Fascinated by the stars in the night sky? There’s a book for that. Curious about the mysteries of dream interpretation? There’s a book for that. Trying to prepare yourself for parenthood? There’s a book for that. Hungry for a juicy, romantic thrill ride? There’s a book for that. All at your local library.

Not sure what book you’re looking for? Ask a librarian! They tend to be wonderful people who are eager to help you track down the resources you need. One of the librarians at my college library is always good for movie recommendations; the last two times I’ve checked out movies (High Fidelity and Captain America), he’s been super excited to talk about them (“Have you seen this? It’s amazing, you’re going to love it. Have you seen Thor?!”) and demand that I let him know what I thought about them after viewing. So friendly!

Today happens to be National Library Workers Day, so if you’re dropping by the library this evening ( I realize it’s already 5:30), make sure to let your library workers know how appreciated they are!


6 thoughts on “National Library Week

  1. I still have the library card I got when I was six with the J written backwards in my signature. I had no idea there was such thing as a National Library Week, but I am very happy to hear that there is!

    • That’s so cute! I’m sure my first card is still kicking around my bedroom somewhere.
      Isn’t it great that we have a whole week dedicated to libraries?!

  2. I probably should be ashamed to say this, but i haven’t visited a libabry in ages, even though we have some awesome ones here in calcutta. i’ve just gotten too used to buying books off the net. but there is something so breathtaking about being surrounded by hundreds of thousands of books… your post makes me want to visit a library this week.

    • No shame in that! Buying books online is so easy and relatively cheap! And it’s nice to own lots of books 🙂 I usually just go to the library for new hardcover releases.

      There is definitely something wonderful about the sheer magnitude of books in a library. It’s so hard not to walk out with dozens of them!

      I did a little google search, and wow, the National Library in Calcutta is stunning!

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