Shelve Your Enthusiasm

In my last post, I wrote about my love for bookshelves. My bookshelf is my favorite thing about my bedroom; it provides a place where my beloved tomes can live together in well organized harmony. I think bookshelves are great because the titles they hold say a lot about us. What I didn’t talk about in that post, however, was what the actual shelves may say about us. Sure, your standard rectangular wooden bookcase doesn’t say a whole lot about your personality, but there are some super talented designers out there who have gone above and beyond providing for basic book storage needs. We’re talking about works of bookshelf art here. Because don’t your books, your most treasured possessions (maybe), deserve a home as visually stimulating as they are mentally stimulating?

I now present, for your viewing pleasure, some totally awesome bookcases.

tree bookshelf

I love the idea of a sculptural bookshelf. If only the money to buy books grew on trees!

floating shelves

“Floating” shelves! Using books as shelves for other objects is a really cute idea, but how awesome would it look to have stacks of books floating on the wall?

Such a cool modern shelf… you wouldn’t even have to leave your chair to get a new book! It just needs a cup holder for my mug of tea or cocoa.

USA bookcase

I love to travel, so I love pretty much anything map-ish. How cool would it be to use this bookcase to organize books by setting? Not sure where On The Road would go, though — California? New York? Colorado? Anywhere in between?

baroque modern bookshelf

Beautiful combination of baroque and minimal modern style!

industrial pipe bookshelf

How about something a bit more industrial?

coffee table bookcase

This customized table takes “coffee table books” to a whole new level! This is a pretty cool idea for displaying your titles. I would want to put glass over the top to protect the spines, though.

desk bookshelf

I desperately want this… a desk with a little shelf built in for stowing books!

curvy whimsical bookshelf

Anyone else thinking of Alice in Wonderland? Very whimsical!

Do you have any favorite creative or beautiful bookshelves?


2 thoughts on “Shelve Your Enthusiasm

    • Isn’t that one fantastic?! I would love to have it in my living room once I have a real house/apartment (not my current sketchy off-campus college apartment).

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